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At the end of 2015 our founder, Dan Crane, was Chief Online Officer at Tatts Group – was spending all day at work behind a desk and eating poorly. The result was an expanding waistline and increasing physical and mental effects of a poor diet. That’s when the research started into modern, science backed eating plans that help the body come back into form and the mind back into focus. Ultim was born.

The benefits of a keto diet, combined with a convenience of a shake were the two fundamental drivers for the design of Ultim.

With so many sugars hidden in foods, the only way to eat ketogenically was to go through the hassle of pre-preparing food before work. Life gets in the way, and relapses are common – so we wanted to make this process easier. With Ultim shakes, you can have a perfect keto meal in shake form, and still get home and enjoy a standard keto meal at dinner.

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We are just a small startup based out of Brisbane, Australia and keen on not only providing a convenient keto meal, but to assist anyone who is keen to take a similar journey as Dan and get the best out of themselves.

Chat to Dan or one of the team via our live chat icon at the bottom right of every page. You can also contact us via email on [email protected], via phone on (07) 3040 9027 or via post at

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