Guide to Australian Measures & Ingredients

Guide to Australian Measures & Ingredients

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One of the biggest issues I found when starting a keto lifestyle was trying to translate ingredients & measures from US sites.

What is Swerve?

Is Almond Flour the same as Almond Meal?

How many grams is a cup?
I still can not wrap my head around how a solid can be measured in a cup. It makes no sense at all to me. Do you pack it firmly, or loose. What pressure needs to be applied to obtain firmly packed? I just don’t get it.

I needed this guide for myself, so I thought, why not make it available for everyone?

It is a work in progress, so if there is anything you find is missing, please let me know and I will regularly update.



Google has a unit convertor for anything not found here, or you can just google “x oz in g” or “x lb in g” and you’ll get an exact answer.

The US cup & spoon measures vary slightly to the Australian versions, so remember to remove a little for dry ingredients. Generally you can just eyeball it and everything will still work out. I have rounded the amounts below, as my scales (and many others) don’t do decimals, so I don’t worry too much about them.

1 teaspoon5ml / 1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon15ml / 3 teaspoons
1 cup236ml / 1 cup less 2 teaspoons
1 ounce28g
1 pound454g
1 fluid oz29ml
1 pint473ml


Odd Measures

1 stick of butter113g
1 can of coconutvaries according to brand, but usually 403ml



NameHow to find, make or substitute in Australia
Coconut AminosYou can find this in your local Health food shop or various online stores
CilantroThe herb that some say tastes like soap Coriander!
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo SauceI found this at my supermarket online and in my local store. 
ErithrytolSupermarkets stock a variety of Erithrytol / Stevia blends, which are great value.
Guar GumI buy this from iHerb, but you can also find it in various health food shops and online.
HabaneroMy local supermarket stock these most of the time, but, if out of stock, I just use a regular Red Chilli's
JalapeñoI can usually pick these up in my local supermarket, but if they are out of stock, I just use regular green chilli's
Lit'l SmokersSmall Smoked Sausages. If you have a good butcher who smokes, replace with smoked sausage, or just cook up some regular small chipolata sausages.
Mrs Dash Table BlendYou can make your own using this recipe
Old Bay SeasoningYou can make your own using this recipe

or, purchase the product from USA Foods
Red PepperUsually means Red Chilli, but be careful with this one - sometimes they do actually mean Red Capsicum
Sukrin MelisA brand of Erithrytol ground fine to use as icing sugar
SwerveA brand of Erithrytol


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