Ultim ingredients

Precise ingredients.
Precisely what you need.


We use only the highest quality whey protein isolate, the type with the lowest quantity of lactose for those that are lactose intolerant.


We use a potent blend of Acacia Gum and Inulin, that acts as a pre-biotic for gut health. Read more…


We have formulated Ultim to be high in electrolytes, making the transition off carbs even easier. Read more…


Ultim includes a full spectrum of vitamins, ensuring nothing the body needs is ever missed without the need for additional supplements.


We haven’t forgotten Vitamin K, an often neglected vitamin that’s important for nervous system health. Read more…


Choline helps you burn fat, aids in brain and memory function, and is also known for its potential role in preventing Alzheimer’s. Read more…


We use a seaweed derived soluble marine mineral powder (Aquamin S) which delivers 100% natural Calcium and Magnesium. Read more…


This vitamin is incredibly important in regulating mood, metabolism and in the production of hormones.


Our select aminos have shown to not only assist in the ketogenic process, but boost mental clarity. Read more…

If you want a detailed view of the back of the bags, here is the actual PDF we used during the design process.

Servings per package:  14
Serving size:  50g
Avg Qty Per 50g ServeAvg Qty Per 50g serve with 70ml cream
(varies with cream type used)
Avg Qty Per 100g
Energy533 kJ
127 cal
1940 kJ
463 cal
1067 kJ
  255 cal
Protein (as is)26.0 g27.3 g52.1 g
Fat, total
   -  saturated
0.2 g
0.09 g
36.3 g
29.8 g
  0.5 g
  0.1 g
2.4 g
1.1 g
5.5 g
2.5 g
  4.9 g
  2.3 g
Dietary Fibre3.8 g3.8g7.6 g
Sodium887.5 mg917.5 mg1775 mg
Potassium959 mg959 mg1919 mg
Taurine650 mg650 mg1300 mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine300 mg300 mg600 mg
Vitamins & MineralsAvg Qty Per 50g ServeAvg Qty Per 100g
Vitamin A0.08 mg0.16 mg
Thiamin (B1)0.12 mg0.24 mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.19 mg0.38 mg
Niacin (B3)1.11 mg2.23 mg
Vitamin B50.55 mg1.11 mg
Vitamin B60.17 mg0.35 mg
Vitamin B120.0002 mg0.0004 mg
Vitamin C4.46 mg8.92 mg
Vitamin D30.001 mg0.002 mg
Vitamin E1.11 mg2.23 mg
Folate0.02 mg0.04 mg
Vitamin K0.009 mg0.02 mg
Biotin0.003 mg0.006 mg
Zinc1.34 mg2.67 mg
Selenium0.007 mg0.015 mg
Chromium0.015 mg0.03 mg
Iodine0.016 mg0.03 mg
Manganese0.380.76 mg
Molibdenum0.018 mg0.038 mg
Iron1.52 mg3.04 mg
Magnesium77.66 mg155.32 mg
Copper0.22 mg0.45 mg
Calcium522.59 mg1045.19 mg
Phosphorus317.64635.28 mg
Typical Amino Acid Profile
ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDSAvg Qty Per 50g ServeAvg Qty Per 100g
Lysine2281 mg4562 mg
Methionine526 mg1052 mg
Phenylalanine760 mg1520 mg
Threonine1988 mg3977 mg
Tryptophan233 mg467 mg
Isoleucine1754 mg3509 mg
Leucine2632 mg5264 mg
Valine1579 mg3158 mg
Histidine321 mg643 mg
NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDSAvg Qty Per 50g ServeAvg Qty Per 100g
Alanine1520 mg3041 mg
Arginine526 mg1052 mg
Aspartic Acid2953 mg5907 mg
Cysteine614 mg1228 mg
Glycine497 mg994 mg
Glutamic Acid*4035 mg       8071 mg
Proline1637 mg3275 mg
Serine1228 mg2456 mg
Tyrosine943 mg1886 mg